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Jan’s Dog Show Boost Survey Results, Western Edition

The link to this presentation was sent to all who participated in Jan’s Dog Show Boost Survey, Western Edition.  This presentation is designed to be viewed by AKC clubs, committees, groups or individuals. By: Todd Breitenfeldt, Lisa Breitenfeldt and Sari Breitenfeldt Dersam.   Todd’s email and phone: 406-498-5236.

The six PDF links below contain all 900+ de-identified answers to the survey questions that allowed free-responses.  We suggest you open these links when prompted to during the video/PowerPoint and/or form a committee to review them and report back.  These PDF’s contain useful information and good opinions.  The PDF’s for slide #’s 16, 17, and 18 are by far the most useful.

Slide #11-What help did you have when you started showing?

Slide #14 – What help/advice would you like as you start/continue showing?

Slide #15 – What other events should/could clubs have at their shows to increase participation?

Slide #16 – What were the most challenging barriers you face(d) as a beginner?

Slide #17 – What do you think are the most challenging barriers for current newbies (beginners)?

Slide #18 – What strategies/ideas would be most helpful to encourage people to start showing dogs?

There will soon be an Eastern U.S. Version of Jan’s Dog Show Boost Survey sent to clubs east of the Mississippi. If you have taken this Western Version, please do not take the Eastern Version. If someone emails you a link to it, please just pass it on to folks you know who may not have taken the Western Version.

If we did not completely de-identify a response in the PDF links above, please email us and we will correct our oversight, Thanks, Todd.